Nail Care Health & Tips

Keep your nails strong, healthy and beautiful with these nail care tips.


The most important aspect in maintaining good looking nails is to protect them from damage. One is to avoid submerging our nails in water for a long period. The effect is splitting, breaking, and peeling nails due to overexposure to water..

Never use your nails as tools in opening containers, bottles, and cans. Use a bottle opener rather than your nails. Avoid the habit of opening letters using your nails, too. Avoid scraping things off or prying things open with your nails.


To make your nails a little more resistant to water, wear nail polish or a clear nail hardener. Nail polish application does play an important role in proper nail care. It not only acts as a fashion style and accessory but it also aids in providing a protective layer for your nails.

In general, you should not subject your nails to manicure and pedicure more than once a week.


To protect your nails from water, wear gloves when washing dishes, gardening, and doing other house chores. Use gloves as well when using bleach, solvents, and other cleaning products.

Eat a healthy diet and go for foods rich in calcium and protein as they can help promote healthy and strong nails. Biotin, a substance in most dietary supplements, and Vitamin E contribute to healthy nails and hair as well. To keep the proper blood flow in your fingers, massage your nails with hand cream. Also, keep your nails at a considerable length to prevent getting caught and breaking.



Classic Manicure
Enjoy a heated hand wrap while receiving the fundamentals of nail care - Shaping, cuticle treatment and conditioning hand massage finished with the perfect polish application. Men's manicures include nail buffing in place of polish.

Classic Pediicure
Enjoy a heated feet wrap during a relaxing hydrotherapy soak in our whirlpool foot bath followed by impeccable nail grooming, organic sugar scrub and hydrating massage. Top it off with the perfect polish. Men's manicures and pedicures include nail buffing in place of polish.
- 35 Minutes
Pedicure $40
French Pedicure $53
Lava Shell Manicure & Pedicure
Enjoy a heated neck wrap during a warm hand or foot soak, organic sugar scrub, pineapple enzyme masque and finishing shea butter moisture balm. Best of all, experience our signature heated lava shell massage designed to melt tension and provide a blissful state of relaxation. Men's pedicures include nail buffing in place of polish.
- 50 Minutes each
Maincure $60
French Manicure $68
Pedicure $75
French Pedicure $83

Little Ladies Manicure & Pedicure - 12 Years & Younger
Begin with an aromatherapy soak, followed by nail shaping and cuticle care. Nails are polished to perfection with a selection of great colors no girl can resist!

- 15 mins each

Manicure  $15
Express Pedi (soak,clip,shape,and polish) $25
Pedicure - Add $5 for French polish $40
Polish change $11
Shellac Manicure $30
Shellac polish change $20
Shellac polish removal $5
Full Set Acrylics $35
Fill-In $18+
Nail Repair $5 each
Acrylic Removal $15

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