Kids & The Spa

Spas are not for adults anymore. Kids are being exposed to these wonderful get-aways as well. You might say that this is just taking spoiling our kids a bit too far, but I beg to differ. I think kids should be exposed to spas for several reasons:


  1. Kids can be stressed just like adults and they too need some form of alternative relaxation.
  2. Kids can bond with Mom and Dad at a spa.
  3. Spas for kids are learning experiences. Spas can teach kids how to properly care for certain parts of their bodies, they can learn about skin care products and how to apply them, and they can hear all these things from professionals, even though they may hear them from Mom and Dad. Sometime when kids hear things from other people they take it to heart a little more.
  4. Spas can provide a bit more healthy menus teaching kids that it's OK to be "health nuts." Spas usually present food that is colorful and styled on a plate as eye candy. Kids may be willing to try something different because it looks pretty.
  5. Spas for kids can help provide them with a self image that is positive.
  6. Spas teach kids that it's OK to take care of themselves as they take care of others. A caregiver is just as important as the one being cared for



Lollie Pop Spa
 Manicure and spa pedicure with pizza

Daisy Spa
Manicure and pedicure in addition to a Hairstyle
Candy Baby Spa
Spa pedicure and your favorite lunch

Chocolate Delight Facial
Experience the relaxation of renewing and rejuvenating your skin wile enjoying strawberries dipped in choclate

For Ages 14 and under  
Mini Manicure $8
Mini Pedicure $15
Mini Facial $25

We are open for pizza parties and drinks for a group of eight children with a choice of any of our spa packages for just $250!!!!


Bodatious Salon & Spa 5901 Williamson Rd. Roanoke, VA
Bodatious Salon & Spa 540.777.5418
Bodatious Salon & Spa 540.777.5418